Boat Rentals in Ibiza

When you love the water and looking for a unique way to spend your time, in Ibiza renting a boat is the best way to spend your next vacation. You will sail on the river or at sea brackish without worrying about the world and all the comforts of home.

The standard houseboat is equipped with full kitchen: stove, fridge, pots, pans, etc. They also usually have a gas Grill so you can cook on the deck if you want. There is a bathroom and one or two bedrooms (sometimes more). Everything is integrated and compact, which gives you plenty of space to relax and enjoy Your journey time. When docked, began to unfold and the couch into a bed, and so on.

Some may think that renting a Houseboat. Unfortunately, this can be very expensive, especially with gas prices today. Depending on the size of the boat, the weekend trip usually runs about 90 gallons of 150 for weekend and week. Rental rates for boat is usually a minimum weekly or weekend that ranged from $300 per week. A security deposit is also required before the Rent Board.

Some rental agencies allow pet perches, others do not. Some will allow pets to travel for free, others will add an extra deposit or a small fee.

Most barges travel in daylight and wet at night. You should also monitor the weather to make sure you don’t get caught up in the storm.

It is recommended to use the boat only in daylight. Travelers can check with the marina for advice on approved navigation zones and weather forecasts. It is recommended to take the barges at least one or two hours prior to departure and receive a full orientation.

To secure the lease, you should order Your boat’s House a few months earlier. Usually, they go on sale in the spring.